Our Process

Phase 1: Design

A collaborative soft goods design effort between the customer and the design team. During this phase AGORA works to understand the business needs and solves for design challenges. Material swatches are presented, patterns are fashioned based on specs, prototype designs are created, and details are finalized. The result is a quality prototype.

Phase 2: Quote

Upon approval of the prototype, AGORA provides the customer with a written quote and delivery date based on the soft goods product details. This phase ends with the customer submitting a purchase order.

Phase 3: Product Planning

Upon receipt of purchase order, AGORA’s product introduction team takes over, ensuring a smooth transition from prototype to mass-manufactured soft goods product. It is within this vital phase that new products are added to the production schedule, resources allocated, materials procured, tooling built, and all required documentation populated. At this phase, a tooled production sample is presented to the customer for approval. Depending on product complexity or program scale, this can be an effortless transition or much more involved undertaking; either way, AGORA is best positioned to the task.

Phase 4: Manufacturing

Upon approval of the tooled production soft goods sample, AGORA manufactures the required production quantity. Prior to shipping, products must first pass AGORA’s rigorous quality inspection standards. They are then packaged according to customer specification and shipped to the appropriate location. We take deep pride in each and every product that leaves our factory and cordially invite you to experience the AGORA edge.