AGORA’s skilled team knows no limit to the soft goods materials it is able to work with. We have extensive experience in traditional and advanced textiles. In addition to a variety of mainstream materials, we’re experienced in an array of specialty materials including fire retardants, ESD (electrostatic discharge), RF/X-ray shields, insulative materials, conductive materials, and even reflective ones.

AGORA works with many fabrics, but one of our most interesting is a breathable composite material called CoolLAM. The open-cell construction of the material pulls moisture away from the wearer, keeping him/her dry and comfortable. Designed for movement, the 4-way stretch of this fabric gives and recovers. Because it’s free of latex and other adhesives, skin irritations and allergies are rare. This fabric can be employed in a number of uses but is extremely popular in medical and wearable items as it handles moisture and stress for greater comfort.

AGORA works with industry-leading suppliers to procure cost-effective materials for superior soft goods product solutions.

Main Materials