Our Environmental, Social and Corporate governance (ESG) Commitments

Founded in 1985, AGORA Edge has become the recognized industry-leading designer and manufacturer of custom soft goods solutions. Our products are used in the Medical, Mobile Computing, Fire and Safety, and various other industries. The products that we manufacture for the healthcare industry are used to monitor and save lives. We also manufacture soft goods used by fire fighters and other first responders. We are proud of the impact our products make and recognize the responsibility that we have – to do our part for our community specifically and for everyone’s greater good in general.

Agora makes the following promises with regards to our social responsibility:

  1. Labor / Ethics
    1. We are a minority owned business and an equal opportunity workplace
    2. We do not use forced or child labor, as well as our suppliers
    3. We do not accept bribes or use money to extort our employees, customers or suppliers
  2. Health and Safety
    1. We provide a healthy working environment for our employees
    2. We follow all relevant OSHA guidelines, as well as applicable guidelines from other countries
  3. Sustainability / Environment
    1. We submit applicable emissions data to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)
  4. We use EcoVadis platform to assess and help improve our corporate sustainability
  5. About 20% of Agora’s power requirements are satisfied by our own roof installed solar panels
  6. We use grid power from Duke Energy (Pinellas County, FL), which has its own renewable initiatives
  7. We recycle wastepaper, cardboard, plastics and aluminum
  8. We recycle some scrap from our manufacturing processes
  9. We are always looking to add more recyclable materials to our parts and processes
  10. We eliminate printing/storing/mailing of paper documents wherever possible, choosing to use electronic means instead
  11. We output minimal waste gases by using in-machine air filtration as needed
  12. We use eco-friendly plumbing fixtures
  13. Our raw materials are compliant with RoHS directive 2011/65/EU and 2015/863/EU, REACH Regulation (EC) 1907/2006, and California Proposition 65 when applicable
  14. Our raw materials do not use Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs)
  15. Our raw materials comply with conflict mineral disclosure requirements
  16. We do not add any additional chemicals during our fabrication processes
  17. Philanthropy
    1. We strive to engage with and make a positive impact on our local community
    2. We contribute to charities such as: Toys for Tots, CASA (a domestic violence center), St. Pete Heroes, St. Vincent De Paul, and local school scholarships
  18. Information Security
    1. We have firewalls with advanced tools for virus & phishing defense mechanisms from industry-leading security providers.
    2. We do daily backups with off-site redundancy.
    3. We engage in improving our security throughout the year by hardening internal systems as well as strengthening our remote-access software and hardware.
    4. We will pursue engaging an external ratings company and/or working towards NIST/DOD standards certification in the next year.