In a nutshell – we’re problem solvers.
Our customers come to us from all over the world for soft goods solutions – for a better strap, a customized case, a harness with special pockets, a pouch for unique equipment, and so much more. We listen to their needs and create something that simplifies their lives. We solve problems and we do it passionately.

Our Story

It started in 1985, when our founder, an industrial engineer, noticed mass produced items could be delivered inexpensively and quickly but customized items lagged behind. Custom soft goods manufacturing was not keeping up with market demand. This needed to change.

AGORA led the way and delivered. Today, we have a worldwide reputation for solving problems and delivering creative solution-oriented soft goods products, quickly and affordably.

Our Team

If you’re passionate about your work and solving problems, you’d find yourself right at home here at AGORA. We take pride in the soft goods solutions we offer our customers. We use our natural curiosity and interest in problem-solving to make our customers’ lives easier. Our employees take pride in ownership. That’s not something that comes with a paycheck, that’s an inherent quality we look for in team members. You can’t provide world-class service without a passionate team that cares.


Our team is AGORA, and AGORA is our team.

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AGORA employs the best soft goods craftsmen, designers, manufacturers, product innovators, customer-focused account managers and invests in them. Dedication to providing top-notch service and extensive knowledge of soft goods materials and processes contributes to our being a full service solutions provider for many Fortune 500 companies.

Everyone at AGORA is on the sales team, because we all sell and we all market. Our employees are a reflection of our company and their interactions, and the way they represent us, bring us business again and again.

Enthusiastically delivering on our commitment, AGORA stands out from the competition. By understanding our customers’ business needs, the AGORA team meets challenges with creative problem solving and innovative solutions.

Need a creative soft goods solution? We’d love to put our team to work for yours.