Cords in the form of loops, tethers, lanyards etc. are used in our products. They work either as a standalone product, as an accessory to a case, holster, etc., or to secure a stylus or another add-on. Cords are typically made of elastic (straight/coiled), polypropylene, etc..

Cotton duck

Cotton duck fabric (known commonly as canvas) is a heavy, plain woven cotton fabric. It is woven with two yarns in the warp and a single yarn in the weft. Duck fabric is hardy and withstands wear and tear admirably. Agora manufactures tote bags, general purpose bags, rucksacks, cases, and the like using cotton duck fabric.

Leather Heavy

Products that we manufacture using heavy leather include sail maker’s palms, luggage tags, machete cases, sales wallet demo cases, catalog cases, coasters, instrument cases, holsters, tool belts, and tool pouches.

Leather Soft

Our Soft Leather portfolio includes money clips, wallets, zipper cases, hand straps, tool cases, mouse pads, travel wallets, coin kites, zip ring binders with removable pouches, ID tag holders, etc.


Rubber is used on our cases for bottom/side protection, ergonomic shoulder pads, etc.


Agora manufactures instrument cases, tool roll pouches, and instrument pallets of suede material. Suede is also used in our:

  • Display Cases
  • Weight Cases
  • Lining Applications
  • Tool Pallets