Industry:  Medical
Year: 2016

Location:  FL

Project: Deployment options for pediatric dosing system – AE2286PDS, AE2309PDS


A retired firefighter/paramedic came to us with a patent for pediatric dosing, needing a carrying solution to deploy the system. The solution would need to be quickly accessible and easily used in urgent situations where paramedics need to deliver the correct dosage to a patient.


The Pedi-Sleeve is worn on the paramedic’s arm and is immediately available for use while not getting in the way and being hands-free. With the sleeve the dosages are already calculated in volume so errors are minimized. It allows the patient to be cared for more quickly in urgent situations. A Response Bag was also designed to carry multiple Pedi-Sleeves. Alternatively, a Roll Kit can be used. It quickly rolls out and is laid out beside the patient. The paramedic can easily see all the information needed without needing to flip through pages or carry it on his person.

“After working a critical pediatric call, our Paramedics who utilized the Pedi-Sleeve stated it was one of the best pieces of equipment we ever purchased.”

– Gary S. , EMS Director of Monroe County, TN