Industry: Testing and Measurement Equipment

Year: 2012

Location: Tampa, Florida

Project: Protective Wash-Down Cover for Spray Equipment – AD1891


Our customer approached us about an issue they were having in their factory with a hot-melt spray machine. Their manufacturing process for food and beverage products are messy; at the end of each shift, operators were required to spray down all equipment with a water hose. The problem was, the hot spray machine could not get wet. Operators were covering the machine with plastic to prevent it from getting soaked; but due to the high temperature, the plastic would melt onto the machine, creating an even bigger mess!


Using a Fiber Glass material with Kevlar thread to withstand the heat, we designed an equipment cover that would resist the wash-down process. A high-temp coated webbing was used for handles and strapping the cover onto the system. Reflective trim helps the cover stand out to employees so that they remember to remove before use.