Bring it to Market Faster with AGORA

See your design plans become a reality with rapid prototyping. AGORA slashes development time lines creating durable and functional prototypes in-house. With our computer-aided design (CAD) and 3D printing we’re able to bring your vision to light quickly, efficiently, and more affordably.

Designs are more likely to be adopted and funded when presented in tangible prototypes. Yet many inventors think it’s cost prohibitive. Not with AGORA. Our in-house capabilities eliminate the need for third-party prototyping, making it faster and less expensive. Present investors, or executives, with a dimensionally-accurate prototype of your design before order or launch and watch the adoptions soar.

Why Rapid Prototyping?

In addition to the higher rates of adoption, production, and orders with a 3D model, creating a prototype with AGORA means:

  • Representative parts with no tooling investment
  • Fewer tooling changes, which translates to less time and money
  • User feedback – soft launch/deployment

Talk with AGORA today to find out how our rapid prototyping can get your dream product to market faster.