Industry:  Rescue and Safety

Year: 2012

Location:  Monroe, NC

Project: RIT Emergency air supply bag – AA1111


A leading safety device company approached us needing a carry RIT bag for an emergency air supply system designed and manufactured. The RIT emergency air-supply bag would contain a large oxygen cylinder, a mask, and necessary tools. This RIT system would be used to assist a downed firefighter or victims in a fire situation. The emergency air supply bag needed to be strong enough to support the weight of the RIT components inside, fire resistant, and highly visible. The RIT bag would be dragged behind first responders so it needed to have a smooth durable base. The emergency air supply bag needed to have strong safety straps and O-rings to attach bag to victims needing the air supply. This RIT Bag all needed to be designed at a competitive price point and manufactured in the U.S.A.


Our design team working together with our customer’s engineering team, we successfully achieved all of the customers’ expectations for the RIT emergency air supply bag. Implementation of an orange Cordura 1000 denier material with fluorescent coating provided rugged strength and a visible base. We added Hi Vis reflective tape to truly achieve a high visibility RIT bag. We also utilized a fire resistant coating. We took advantage of a thermal formed protective skid to provide durable base and reduce friction when the RIT emergency air supply bag was being dragged. We implemented the use of a versatile, extra durable, length adjustable shoulder/Drag Strap. Implementation of 10 O-rings allow easy identification of attachment points. Having both US and China manufacturing plants allowed us to satisfy the need for USA made RIT emergency air supply bag.