Industry:  Rescue and Safety

Year: 2014

Location:  Twinsburg, Ohio

Project: Integrated Self Rescue Belt – AC1661


A leading safety device company approached us needing an Integrated Self Rescue Belt designed and manufactured. We needed to design a system that would incorporate into an already designed SCBA (self-contained breathing apparatus) to allow a firefighter to escape from the nearest window of a burning building in the event of a ceiling collapse.


Our design team, engineering department, and machinist working together with our customer’s engineering team, successfully achieved all of the customers’ expectations for the Integrated Self-Rescue Belt. We designed a machined descending device that allows the user to descend to the ground safely holding the users weight. As the device is hand pressed, it slides down a fire retardant webbing freely and slowly. A storage compartment allows webbing to be stored and an easy to use refill system to store the webbing back in place after the system is used. The Self Rescue Belt also stores the descending device, and a hook that attaches to the window for the user to escape. In addition to storing all of these different components, the Self Rescue Belt was made in such a way that it integrates into the existing waist pads of the current breathing apparatus system.