Industry:  Field Deployment
Year: 2012

Location:  OK and CA

Project: MC 65 Deployment – AA1030DW


Design a modular mobile pack carrying board (RoutePad) to carry a Zebra MC65 Handheld and a Zebra RW420 4inch Thermal Printer with capability to fasten to a hand truck.


A RoutePad was designed with a removable holster for the MC65 Handheld so the RoutePad would be scalable for a replacement device while still maintaining functionality with the which, which has an extra two years on its digital life span compared to the MC65. The RoutePad also includes heavy-duty D-rings which can be attached to a hand truck for easier usage when carting product.

“The mobile pack carrying board (RoutePad) has been a huge success to the Anheuser-Busch Wholesaler community. This carry solution allows for a one stop shop for all essential hardware when delivering beer and printing invoices. This is an affordable option that won’t lock a wholesaler into a hardware form factor that isn’t scalable.”

– Bobby C. , Daugherty Business Solutions