LASER acronym stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation, and is a concentrated beam of light that heats, melts, or burns through materials when coming into contact with materials.

Through the aid of computer guided technology, the laser cutting process employs a high density and powerful light beam to make fine cuts into materials. It’s typically used in industrial manufacturing but has seen more mainstream applications in recent times. Lasers can also be used in etching, a process that takes a less concentrated beam to draw a design into the material instead of making a complete cut-out.

Laser cutting and etching are used when a very precise cut or design is needed by the customer. When used and in combination with automation type equipment, the lasers allow for near flawless process consistency and control. Such types of equipment are mostly piloted and controlled by a computer-software combination and can be used for precision on extremely detailed and delicate work or when a very clean cut edge is required.