The Waterjet cutting system uses a thin, but very powerful jet of water to cut with a precision and effectiveness that rivals other methods.

This industrial machine is capable of cutting through virtually any material imaginable. Quick, compact, and robust, a Waterjet is a versatile cutting solution that fits into your workflow.

Our waterjet can cut material up to a 4 foot x 4 foot area with a depth of 4 inches to 8 inches.

AGORA is already using this machine in production for foam and metal cut outs. The precision and flexibility of cutting various materials and sizes will help us meet our customers’ deadlines with a new standard of quality.

What materials can a Waterjet cut?
 Composites
 Plastics/Acrylics
 Alloys
 Steels                                                                                                                                          
 Laminates
 Rubber
 Gaskets
 Fiberglass