CNC-Die-CuttingCNC Die Cutting allows for the material to be cut very precise and uses 3 numerical control axis. AGORA’s model doesn’t use hydraulic systems, making it more energy efficient and require less maintenance. The servo driven cutting head can cut into any synthetic material with precision up to a hundredth of a millimeter. The 360-degree cutting radius and advanced layout software allows us to get the maximum yield from a material, therefor less is wasted. The maximum pressure of 110 tons of cutting power allows the machine to cut materials of nearly any thickness and rigidity supported by the bladed die. All this can happen at over 100 cuts per minute. AGORA’s particular machine is fitted with an automatic tool changing device, meaning we can switch between dies at the push of a button, in as little as 10 seconds.

All of the above depicted does allow the creation of a machine complimented by a process which involve speed and efficiency, making any size of production to run more cost effective. CNC Die Cutting produces consistent, quality work in less time making it one of the more efficient cutting options.