LEAN manufacturing goes by a variety of names including world-class manufacturing, continuous flow manufacturing, demand flow technology, just-in-time (JIT), stockless production, lean SIGMA, and agile manufacturing. No matter what it’s called, LEAN manufacturing focuses on customer value by providing the customer with the best cost, product, and service.

As management philosophy, the Lean manufacturing method derived mostly from the Toyota Production System (TPS), and although “Lean Manufacturing” is a term that has been around now for many years, it originally spawned within the MIT study that led to the book “The Machine That Changed the World” by Womack and Jones in 1990. Sometimes it’s referred to, identified, and nicknamed as Toyotism.

Agora’s Lean Manufacturing efforts, aims, and strives to embed a culture of continuous improvement where everyone seeks to identify and eliminate waste, enabling and allowing to meet or exceed customer expectations and provide the best product, quality, and service, and at the minimum time and cost required.

LEAN manufacturing is good for businesses and great for customers.