AGORA helps your company get noticed.

Branding is a way to convey your company’s name by connecting to the minds of an audience and reinforcing your offerings. This is the foundation of marketing.

Through innovative methods and manufacturing processes, we help you promote and apply logos and brand names to various types of materials; for example: textile-fabrics, plastics, metals, composites and many others.

We help our customers create a name for themselves in the marketplace through unique, branded products. Our processes include:

  • Foil Stamping, Blind and Color Debossing
  • Silk Screen, Heat Transfer and Pad Printing
  • Embroidery, Woven and Embroidery Labels
  • Laser Etching and Metal Engraving
  • Rubber, Silicone and Metal Molded Badges

If you have a product you want branded, AGORA can help. Our enormous manufacturing capabilities make it possible to produce a variety of logoed items.