Branding of Agora

In 2011, a stylized horizontal stroke (representing the number one in Chinese) replaced the briefcase above the word AGORA.
It was also around this time, that our second factory (this one in China) got the OS2 logo.

The ‘OS’ in OS2 stands for Overseas and the logo has 2 stylized horizontal strokes (representing the number two in Chinese).

In 2014, ‘AGORA Leather Products’ became ‘AGORA Edge’.

The ‘Edge’ in the name signifies the competitive edge our customers gain by working with AGORA.
Also, literally it is demonstrative of the outside edge our products provide while protecting our customers’ components.

CHAKRA (the letter ‘O’ in AGORA)

A channel through which energy flows. Chakras are key to balance and harmony.
They also symbolize joy, communication and focus. These are traits we strive to improve upon constantly.

Another key pillar of AGORA’s growth over the years is our belief that products and processes can always be
improved and that there always is a better way to do, almost anything.

This is embodied in our tagline – We believe in a better way