How AGORA Came To Be


In the mid‐eighties, an Industrial Engineer was perplexed by the state of the manufacturing industry. Custom products lacked quality and consistency. To get a product to market, a business would have to build a network of multiple sources, including engineers, designers and manufacturers, all working on disparate components to produce just one product. Businesses couldn’t meet market demand in time due to the logistics and lack of communication between the different companies.

Needless to say, manufacturing was costly and a time‐consuming ordeal. The market was fragmented, delivery was slow and the products lacked quality.

Clearly, there was a need for a one‐source solution to simplify custom manufacturing. To create high quality customized products that could meet corporate budgets and timelines, Subash Dave’, our founder, did what any engineer would do: he identified the problem.

He remembers how it all started:

“I was working at a manufacturing company when I noticed that custom soft goods manufacturing was not keeping up with market demand. Mass produced items could be delivered in time but customized items lagged behind. This needed to change.

At the time, small companies that delivered custom solutions had long lead times, used old machinery, and were occasionally switching out materials without getting the customer’s approval first.

There was a need for a one‐source solution to simplify custom manufacturing – one that invested in the newest capabilities, had the expertise, and customers could trust. To create high quality customized products that could surpass customer expectations, I started a small business that combined custom design services and manufacturing. By joining these separate disciplines under one roof, AGORA was born.”

An ISO certification followed shortly after, which proved our consistency and high standards, the qualities that made our customers believe in us in the first place.

AGORA’s core beliefs are very much the same today, never letting go of our complete focus on our customers’ needs, and still investing in our capabilities through the newest machinery, as well as acquiring the best talent. We have recruited a global team of professionals over the years, people who are the best in their individual fields, including engineers, craftsmen, designers, suppliers, machinists, product innovators and customer focused account managers.

This dedication to continuous improvement is evident in our cutting‐edge ideas and desire to remain at the forefront of the industry, leading the change and always going above and beyond.