UltimaCase By AGORA Edge

Barcode scanning was beginning to gain grounds, especially when the UPC barcode was adopted as the standard in the retail industry. Now, barcode scanning is used almost everywhere. In this day and age, information is always on the go. That’s why businesses are using scanners to read barcodes, keeping track of inventory and Medical records along with other vital data. We need to have these handheld devices on us, accessible when we need them.

Imagine a delivery driver carrying out orders for 10 hours a day, the whole time fumbling between carrying a box and a scanner all at once, or a retail associate having to place his device on the ground every time he needs to alternate between scanning price tags and arranging the store shelves.

We at UltimaCase experienced similar issues when we started using a mobile computer to take inventory for a couple of days, without having a holster. We realized that as a user, we need some type of accessory that can hold our device either on our person or around us. This will help us improve our productivity, protect our device, and eliminate the frustration of looking for a device that has been misplaced. As mobile computer companies became larger, the need for mobile accessories grew, with OEM companies opening for custom work, and UltimaCase took up the challenge.

Our founder found opportunities for supplying mobile solutions for barcode scanning devices with some of the first mobile computer manufacturers, and as demand grew, we became a key supplier of custom mobile solutions in this market. We have all the experience, with our team of five designers (including two Industrial engineers), as well as extensive in-house manufacturing capabilities, including 3D printers for design, a machine shop for fixtures, and etc. for improved productivity. Our products have been field-proven by many large and medium-sized companies, including major OEM companies that have used our custom mobile solution designs for product offerings.

UltimaCase also offers stock solutions for OEM devices so that you don’t have to go through the design process, especially if there’s already a solution available.

If you have a challenge and need a solution, bring it to us. We complete mobile solutions.